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ncaster Beltway

Not much is known about this proposed expressway.  The path would have formed a southern bypass of Lancaster, removing traffic from the busy US 30 corridor.  The beltway would have begun on the western side of the city near the Centerville Road interchange on US 30, travel south-southeast to Millersville, turn east to travel just north of Willow Street, then turn northeast to end at US 30 at the PA 462 interchange.  It is not known if this expressway was axed outright or is still on the drawing board as a future project if traffic demands and money provides for construction.

Path of beltway past Millersville
The path of the beltway as it was to pass to
the west and southwest of Millersville.
(Arrow Publishing)
Beltway approaching US 30
The beltway as it
approached US 30 east
of Lancaster.
(Arrow Publishing)

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